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CPR, Bee Gees and Hockey Players? Oh Ya..!

A disco ball and a hockey rink are used to help show people how CPR works? Yep! Thanks to the Golden Heart Community Foundation, the University of Fairbanks, Alaska, and the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation, there’s a popular video on YouTube showing a CPR demonstration on a hockey rink to the tune of the disco smash, “Stayin’ Alive.” Who knew the Bee Gees’ classic song could help show people how to perform CPR on people, right? It’s also pretty unusual (and funny) to see a bunch of tough hockey players do a sort of flash mob electric slide on the ice to keep it visually interesting.  The five minute video includes a good exchange between two people: “I didn’t know disco could save lives. No- CPR can save lives!”

Check out the video here —>

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