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CPR Classes in Folsom California

Aisling is currently a nurse at a local county facility, who has been known to drink way too much coffee and the occasional Go-Girl to get through her 12 hour night shift! Aisling lives in Folsom California with her husband and one year old daughter.

Aisling started Heart Corp because she wants to change the boring face of CPR and make it fun again! An environment where students don’t just come to class because their employer told them to,  but because they are excited to come! She loves seeing students leave class with confidence in their new life saving skills. Because frankly, knowing how to save the life of someone who drops in aisle 9 at the grocery store makes you pretty cool! Her hope is to create an environment for the student unlike any other CPR class to date. Lets make CPR exciting and mainstream for the mom, dad, clerk, banker, bartender you get the idea.


To reach Aisling, please  call her directly at:


or email:

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